Add an extra Pawshtails Carabiner to your Climbing Rope Dog Lead.

An ultra-durable and lightweight (27g) carabiner , made of superior durable aircraft 7075 aluminium alloy, tough enough to resist water and abrasion

Heavy-duty rated at 12KN, aluminium D-shaped carabiner heavy duty holds up to 2,600 lbs of weight

Smart safety mechanism the screw gate carabiners features a rotating sleeve that can be tightened to prevent accidental opening of the gate, ensuring extra safety when walking your dog on the climbing rope lead.

The Pawshtails carabiners have not been tested for purposes of mountain climbing. Do not use for this intention. 

Caring for Your Pawshtails Carabiner

  • Clean gates by blowing dust and dirt from the hinge area.
  • If you notice a sticky gate, wash it in warm, soapy water, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry.
  • If you want to ensure your carabiner lasts you some time, lubricate it with dry graphite or any dry, waxed-based lubricant around the hinge area, the spring hole and the locking mechanism. Be sure to wipe off all excess lubricant.
  • Always clean and lube your carabiners after contact with saltwater or salt air.
  • Carabiners that have been dropped a significant distance should be retired. Dropped carabiners can suffer significant damage yet still appear intact. When in doubt, do not use it.
  • Do not store your carabiners in humid or salty air, with damp equipment or clothing, or near corrosive chemicals.
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