Our Pooch Plaque Remover is the perfect solution for keeping your dog’s oral hygiene in check. Made with 100% natural ingredients, our supplement provides your pooch with 12 vitamins, 13 minerals and trace elements which work together to maintain proper oral health, protect from gum diseases, and reduce plaque and bad breath. These natural ingredients work together to boost your dog’s oral health, thoroughly clean dog teeth as well as neutralising any bad odours, without the need of a doggie dentist!

  • 100% Pure – an all-natural supplement to fight bacteria-laden plaque and tartar build-up.
  • Sustains Fresh Breath – rich in powerful vitamins and minerals which act together to assist and support the removal of tooth-destroying acid on your dog’s teeth.
  • Natural and sustainably sourced – made from a  special blend of organic natural kelp and seaweed, does not contain any fillers, artificial colouring, flavouring or additives.
  • Easy to use – simply use the scoop provided to sprinkle on your dog’s meal.

Our Plaque Remover is Simple & Easy To Use

Sprinkle the correct amount of Plaque Remover in your dog’s food or as instructed by your vet.

Our plaque removed should be stored at room temprature and out of direct sunlight.


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