Perfect Book for New Dog Owners

About the Author

Dr Cristina Diaz-Madronero PgC(SAD) MVB MRCVS, is a Veterinary Surgeon and Dermatologist with over 18 year’s experience in small animal practice in the United Kingdom. With her advice, she has helped thousands of her clients to keep their pets healthy and thriving, providing medical care when necessary along the way. She especially enjoys helping new pet parents to learn the ropes on how best to look after their dogs, so they can enjoy a happy and long life together.

Dr Cristina has three pets of her own; “Tek” a rescue Labrador X and star of “The New Pet Parent Book” cover, “Spot” a naughty but adorable French Bulldog, and “Talullah” a feisty tortoiseshell kitty. She enjoys long walks in the beautiful British countryside with “her boys” enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Questions to the Author

What was your driving force as to why you decided to write this book?

During my many years in practice, I encountered hundreds of new pet parents that asked me similar questions, wanting to know how best to take care of their dog. They were exposed to a vast amount of information available online but confused about what to believe not, and what to do for the better. When two years ago I asked myself how I could help more new pet parents, I decided to write The New Pet Parent Book, and give new dog owners a source of non-biased reliable scientific information, based on my experience as a veterinary professional and dog owner. This book is just a simple guide, written in a very simple language and with love, in which the reader can easily follow and understand what to do when they get a puppy or dog for the first time, and feel happy and confident they are looking after them the best they can.

What would you say your goal is by writing these books?

Helping a new generation of educated and responsible pet parents ,and improve dog’s and their families lives for the better.

Now the book is called ‘The New Pet Parent’ but I assume those who have had pets for years could still find this book useful?

Absolutely. Anyone who has a dog would benefit from reading this book. As a simple guide, it is an easy read, and anyone can pick up some useful tips that might come handy in the future.

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What People Are Saying

“Every dog owner needs this book in their lives.”

“This book is amazing so informative whether you’re new to being a dog owner or an experienced one. Full of sensible, clear advice.”

“This book is a great read so informative. Helped me so much as I am a first time dog owner. A great read Dr Cristina Diaz-Madronero, loved it!!”

“A great guide, for those who own a pet for the first time. Simple and practical tips. Highly recommended.”


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