Our natural treat variety pack is filled with delicious, healthy chews for your doggos. We have hand selected each and every single treat included in this pack to ensure your dog has a constant variety of goodies and benefits from the different range of proteins and nutrients rich in goodness.

100% Natural Treats – all treats included in this variety pack are dried – that’s it. 100% natural goodness with no additives.

Responsibly-Sourced – All our products are sourced from the UK and Europe.

Hand Packed in Resealable Pouch – our bags have a zip to keep your product fresh for months and keep odours contained. We (Amy and Alex) literally pack each bag by hand!

Biodegradable Packaging – we believe in a better planet for human and pooch! Our pouches break down much quicker compared to standard pouches therefore limiting their impact upon the environment.


Natural Treat Variety Pack Includes:

Bull Pizzle, Tripe, Beef Skin, Dark Buffalo Skin, Lamb Lung, Beef Tail, Dried Liver Strips, Beef Udder, Duck Coin, Porky Bites, Wolf Fish Flatties, Fish Mighty Bar.

We have the option to add a Turkey Neck into your variety pack.

From time to time we may change certain products to other new ones depending on availability at the time. If you’d like an updated list of contents when placing an order please email us at [email protected] and we’d gladly send you an update / make changes to your pack if required.


Please Note:

If your dog is new to raw treats, we suggest trying one treat at a time over a 24-hour period to ensure your doggos tummy is happy.

Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks old.

As with all treats and chews, freshwater should be available at all times and supervision is recommended.

Shelf life – approx. 9-18 months



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