LickiMat Splash was designed to make bath time fun again!

LickiMat Splash has a suction cup designed to attach to smooth wall surfaces and bathtubs. Splash is designed for use with soft and spreadable dog treats such as our Organic Doggy Peanut Butter.

Splash is all about keeping your pet-focused, relaxed and still when bathing, grooming or when you visit the vet.

Dogs love to lick and engage with food, with increasing licking encouraging the release of endorphins which relaxes and satisfies your pooch.

An extremely versatile design that can be used with a variety of treats or food the LickiMat Splash is suitable for all dogs ensuring a rewarding and engaging food challenge that helps to keep your pet relaxed, whilst slowing down eating and benefitting their health and wellbeing with essential enrichment and stimulation.

Licking also enhances the sense of taste allowing your dog to enjoy just a small amount of food, and stimulates saliva production helping to clean the tongue, teeth and gums and aid digestion whilst providing a tasty treat they’ll love.

Choosing the Right LickiMat

Checkout our blog on choosing the right LickiMat for your pooch here. 

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Caring for your doggos LickiMat Splash Bowl

The manufacturer states that the splash bowl is dishwasher safe, however we always advise to handwash.

Turn the splash bowl inside out and place the mat in the sink and run warm water over it with a few drops of washing up liquid. Leave it to soak for about 15 minutes.

With a soft brush (a brush with longer bristles works really well!) work up and down the bowl, then in circular movements across the whole surface.

After cleaning, rinse well, shake off excess water, turn back to normal bowl shape.


The LickiMat Splash is ideal for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes.

As with all dog toys and treats we recommend to supervise your dog whilst they’re enjoying the LickiMat and check regularly for signs of wear and replace when worn. Always remove if damaged or if parts become separated.


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