This Puppy Hamper contains a soft puppy KONG rubber formula which is customized for puppy teeth and gums. Bursts with lickable goodness, teaches appropriate chewing behaviour while offering mental enrichment. Comes with our most popular product – the Pawshtails Organic Doggy Peanut Butter Treat Jar, 100% natural with no nasty additives or preservatives.

Our KONG Puppy Dog Hamper is a perfect way to promote calm behaviour, perfect for exciting doggies that need some chill time, or as a healthy distraction for anxious dogs. Put your dog’s tongue to work and mind at rest.

Simply fill the KONG Puppy with the chosen treat(s) and let your doggo (and you!) enjoy a moment of peace. You can even freeze for a longer-lasting treat!

KONG Puppy Dog Hamper contains:

1*KONG Puppy (Blue or Pink) –customized for a growing puppy’s baby teeth, the unique, natural rubber formula is the most gentle within the KONG rubber toy line. Designed to meet the needs of a puppy’s 28-baby teeth, it helps teach appropriate chewing behaviour while offering enrichment and satisfying a younger pup’s instinctual needs while the erratic bounce makes it ideal for those pups that just want to play.

1* Organic Doggy Peanut Butter Treat Jar – Natural peanut butter designed specifically for dogs wellbeing with a mouth-watering taste. Perfect for dogs as it doesn’t contain any added sugars, palm oil or xylitol which makes it safe and enjoyable for all doggos. Comes in a reusable glass jar!

Caring for your doggos KONG Rubber Treat Toy

Rinse with warm water and dish soap.

If stubborn treats, like dried peanut butter, don’t rinse out, try soaking the KONG in warm water and dish soap to loosen the leftovers.

Use a bottle brush or old toothbrush to scrub the inside of KONG. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

All KONG Rubber toys are top-rack dishwasher safe.



You can state your preferred colour in the above options.

Please note that promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. 

As with all dog toys and treats we recommend to supervise your dog whilst they’re enjoying the LickiMat and check regularly for signs of wear and replace when worn. Always remove if damaged or if parts become separated.


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