During lockdown, we worked alongside a group of like-minded dog lovers to discover their favourite collection of toys and treats and put them into a Dog Entertainment Box bundle.  The dog owners noticed their dogs getting bored which heavily affects their mood and stated that the most important element was to find something that was long lasting.

We completely agree and have handpicked two different premium long-lasting treats, a Buffalo Horn and a Yak Chew, so your dog stays interested as well as some Biscuit Treats for those important rewards and the occasional bribe!

The dog lovers also stated that playtime is just as important too, and we believe this gives you the perfect opportunity to connect with your dog which is why we have included two of the most voted for toys!(Carrot Toy & Rubber Ring)

This Dog Entertainment Box guarantees happiness for your pooch; studies show new toys and treats lead to happier lives and after all that is what we all want for our four-legged friends.


Please note that promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. 

Suitable for puppies and dogs over 16 weeks.

As with all dog toys and treats, these products are not indestructible – check regularly for signs of wear and replace when worn. Supervision is recommended, remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated.

Treat responsibly: Supervise your dog when giving any chew or treat. Remove small or broken pieces to prevent a choking hazard. Keep fresh water available at all times. Store in a cool, clean and dry place. This product is a treat and is not intended to be fed as a meal. And as much as you may be tempted, they’re definitely not for human consumption.

20 reviews for Dog Entertainment Box

  1. Christine L

    Great customer service, quick delivery, happy dog = happy owner. Thanks!

  2. Lisa

    Good value as the toys and treats on their own would have cost more. Will keep us busy for a while.

  3. Louise Goodwdin

    Good customer service, answers all my questions pretty quickly through chat. Arrived quite quickly considering the current circumstances and really happy with what we’ve got. Thank you.

  4. Jake

    Received and dog absolutely loves it. He’s tucking into the yak snack as we speak. Toys are good and the blue ring seems a brilliant idea especially now that it’s so hot. Thanks

  5. Emily

    Such a cute box that’s put together arrived quite quickly and really good quality. Thanks Pawshtails

  6. Jenna Manfield

    Got this today and my dog was sniffing and eager to tuck into the box. Great toys and delicious treats. Thanks!

  7. James

    Great quality. Excellent customer service. Fast delivery. Thanks

  8. Alex Ridling

    Bought two of these boxes, dogs are already tucking into the buffalo horn – they love them! Thanks Pawshtails for answering all my questions quickly and for the quick delivery, we’ll be back.

  9. Dave

    Fantastic box. Dog loves it! 100% recommend

  10. Alicia Marden

    This arrived yesterday and dog is so happy. Usually Yaksnack only lasts 10 minutes but he had it for about an hour yesterday and only got a quarter way through it if that. He loves the toys aswell.

  11. Meg

    Perfect. Maggie loves the carrot toy.

  12. Alison Miller

    Absolutley brillant! Quick delivery too!

  13. Angela

    Lovely box. thanks

  14. Sandy

    Bought this bigger box with the blue ring which has worked wonders on my dog as he likes to chew everything. He’s not stopped chewing the buffalo horn either. Love it thank you

  15. Jackson

    Bought two for each of my dogs. They’re very happy and occupied. Great investment. Thanks guys for helping us make the right decision.

  16. Becki

    Lovely box, great selection of treats and toys. Lola is tucking into the yak as we speak and is very happy. Thank you very much

  17. JJ

    Great thanks

  18. Oli

    Brilliant customer service, quick delivery and fantastic toy. Cheers

  19. Jack

    Cute little box. Dog loves the buffalo horn!

  20. H Coleman

    My German Shepherd absolutley loves the carrot and everything contained within this box. Delivery was expetionally quick and the customer service is fantastic.

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